Rabu, 09 November 2016

Capturing the innocence

Capturing the innocence and promise of girlhood with soft colors and deft brushstrokes, beloved painter   of children Kathryn Andrews Fincher combines richly detailed pictures with riveting true stories in this  inspirational book for little girls and those who love them.  Designed to be read aloud by a parent, grandparent, or dear friend, the book tells the stories of   inspiring women of faith who understood from an early age that God had a plan for them and lived lives still worth modeling   today. The character traits of obedience, selflessness, dedication, devotion, courage, perseverance, and forgiveness are   highlighted in the lives of Mother Teresa, Ruby Bridges, Corrie ten Boom, and others.  Paintings of young girls praying, wondering, wishing, and hoping further enrich the timeless message   that little ones have been created with a special plan and purpose and, with encouragement and guidance, can accomplish amazing things.

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